Who We Are

Coolest Farmers LTD is an agri-business investment company that specializes in large scale crop farming and supply of potatoes, peas, wheat and barley in Mau Narok Ranges. The name was coined from the fact that you can engage in the lucrative farming among other activities without necessarily having to go to the farms yourself hence the name Coolest Farmers. We posses vast experience in agriculture that spans more than 7 years.

What We Do !

Coolest Farmers offers you a competitive investment opportunity to engage in the lucrative crop farming.

How We Do It!

Three Farming Seasons

1st Cycle


1st Cylce

The first cycle runs from November-February. This is among the best season of the year where we can comfortably grow potatoes and peas. It’s a long rain period and planting is done in two weeks pattern .i.e. 1st-3rd Nov, 14th-17th Nov & 29th Nov-1st Dec. The crops grown within these period are expected to mature between 29th Feb-30th April.

2nd Cycle


2nd Cycle

Runs from February-May. Within this period planting is done in three weeks to 1 Month period. The crops grown at this stage mature for harvesting between May and June. These season has the minimal planting pattern due to the perennial dry season from mid Dec January to February. Only potatoes are grown during this season due to their inherent capability to stand harsh conditions.

3rd Cycle


3rd Cycle

The period runs between July- Dec. This is the most intensive season of the year. Its characterized with good weather and planting goes all through the period. At this season all crops are grown .i.e. wheat, barley, peas and potatoes according to the land available. Coolest farmer specializes in Potatoes , peas and Barley where we have an assured market.

Your Investment Capital Per Acre!

Our goal is to make our service affordable so that as many people as possible may have the opportunity to invest and enjoy the fruits of their investment. The best for our clients is what we offer!

Below is a breakdown of The operational Costs per season!

Farm Inputs Units Per Acre Unit Cost Total Cost
Land lease 1 per season 6,000 6,000
Non-selective herbicide 1 Litre 600 600
Spraying Labor 1 500 500
Ploughing 1 2500 2,500
 Tubers/Seeds  12 bags  2000  24,000
 Fertilizer  2 bags  3,700  7,400
 Planting  1  3,000  3,000
 Weeding + molding  2  4,000  8,000
 Fungicides + herbicides spray  3  2,000  6,000
 Foliar  1  2,000  2,000
Total Operational Cost Ksh 60,000

At Coolest Farmers, we pride ourselves by ensuring that our investors are assured of return of their investment and the agreed profits at the end of the 4-month season ready to reinvest again with us.

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